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gsn_csm_pres_hgt plot interface that plots height vs. longitude plots. Note, this data is already on pressure levels. If this were model data, it would be necessary to interpolate from the hybrid coordinates to pressure levels before plotting. h_long_2.ncl: Changes the aspect ratio of the plot. vpXF = 0.13 This function creates and draws a pressure/height versus latitude, longitude, or time plot on the given workstation. If the pressure levels are in units of Pa, they will be converted to hPa before plotting. The left Y-axis will be labeled with reverse log pressure values, and the right Y-axis with height values in km h_time_1.ncl: Default black and white time vs. height plot. gsn_csm_pres_hgt is the plot interface that creates time vs. height plots. Note, the data must be on pressure levels to use this interface. h_time_2.ncl: Shades values less than -0.5 and greater than +0.5. ShadeLtGtContour is the function that does the shading

The function wrf_user_intrp3d, (available in the $NCARG_ROOT/lib/ncarg/nclscripts/wrf/WRFUserARW.ncl script) can also be used to interpolate in height/pressure. Example 1 a = addfile (wrfout_d01_2000-01-24_12:00:00.nc,r) tk = wrf_user_getvar (a,tk,0) ; temperature in Kelvin ; Interpolate tk to 850hPa pf = pf * 0.01 ; Convert to hPa var2d = wrf_interp_3d_z (tk,pf,850. Hi, I have been trying to plot a height/pressure - longitude plot. I know NCL has wrf_user_vert_cross, however, can I use wrf_user_vert_interp first to interpolate the data to pressure level ,then rcm2rgrid to interpolates data to a rectilinear grid, and at last gsn_csm_pres_hgt_vector to plot U and W component of wind I'm using NCL to create a netCDF file with height data at pressure levels as opposed to eta levels. This has involved the use of the wrf_user_intrp3d() function to interpolate height fields at 19 different pressure levels It is possible. Check this link: http://www2.mmm.ucar.edu/wrf/OnLineTutorial/Class/graphics/arwpost.php. This is the key part: To output on either pressure or height levels, set interp_method=1. ;-- max lat mres1@lbBoxMinorExtentF = 0.15 ;-- decrease height of labelbar mres1@tiMainString = DKRZ NCL workshop: map annotation ;-- title string mres1@tiMainFontHeightF = 0.02 ;-- main title font size ;-- draw the main map map1 = gsn_csm_contour_map(wks, var, mres1) ;-- set resources for the smaller world map mres2 = True mres2@gsnDraw = False ;-- don't draw the plot yet mres2@gsnFrame = False ;-- don't advance the frame mres2@gsnLeftString = ;-- don't draw left string mres2.

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# Currently we're using bogus values for height, cause we haven't figured out how to make this work. axRHS = ax. twinx dummy = 10 mn, mx = ax. get_ylim axRHS. set_ylim (mn * dummy, mx * dummy) axRHS. set_ylim (axRHS. get_ylim ()[::-1]) axRHS. set_ylabel ('Height (km)') axRHS. yaxis. label. set_size (20) axRHS. tick_params ('both', length = 20, width = 2, which = 'major', labelsize = 18) # Show the plot plt. tight_layout plt. show ( NCL_h_lat_6.py¶ This script illustrates the following concepts: Drawing filled contours of zonal wind. Changing the background color for contour labels. Drawing pressure and height scales. Using a Blue-White-Red colormap. See following URLs to see the reproduced NCL plot & script: Original NCL script: https://www.ncl.ucar.edu/Applications/Scripts/h_lat_6.ncl Hello, just to add to the reply above so it might be of use to a future user, here a combination of cdo and nco funtions also doing the task: If you have sea level pressure (PSL) and surface geopotential height (PHIS) in the same file as the coordinate, you do ncap2 -s hyai=hyai*100000;hyam=hyam*100000; $f $f_tmp cdo ml2pl,100000,92500,85000,70000,60000,50000,40000,30000,25000,20000,15000,10000,7000,5000,3000,2000,1000, -chname,PSL,sp -chname,PHIS,geosp $f_tmp $f_out(see https. pint.Quantity - Corresponding value(s) of height above sea level Examples >>> import metpy.calc >>> from metpy.units import units >>> height = np . linspace ( 0 , 10000 , num = 11 ) * units . m >>> geopot = metpy . calc . height_to_geopotential ( height ) >>> geopot <Quantity([ 0 NCL ALESUND am 07.09.2020 auf der Elbe Höhe Otterndorf nach Hamburg - 4K VIDEO

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(pressure) or km (height above sea level) Supply levels bottom to top NOTE: NO extrapolation below ground interp_levels 0 = sigma levels,-1 = code defined nice height levels, 1 = user defined height or pressure levels interp_metho About the National Consumers League (NCL) The National Consumers League, founded in 1899, is America's pioneer consumer organization. Our mission is to protect and promote social and economic justice for consumers and workers in the United States and abroad. For more information, visit www.nclnet.org Now I would like to extract the wind speed for each time step: > 1) at a particular Lat and Lon (I managed this) > 2) at a predefined height (in m) > > Now I have managed to plot the wind speed for all my domain at a > particular and I have managed to get wind speeds for a particular lat and > lon but I cannot manage to obtain both at once CRUISE NEWS OF THE WEEK | ROYAL CARIBBEAN | CELEBRITY | NCL CRUISE LINES | CDC PRESSURE ON CRUISEIt has been just another busy week within the cruise industr.. If the internal design pressure exceeds 0.17 barg and is less than 1.03 barg, tanks are usually designed as flat bottom cylindrical tanks with dome roof as per API 620. In this case, the maximum allowable external pressure (vacuum pressure) as per API 620 is 0.0043 barg. Liquids (with vapor pressure > 1.

wrf.vinterp. Return the field vertically interpolated to the given the type of surface and a set of new levels. wrfin ( netCDF4.Dataset, Nio.NioFile, or an iterable) - WRF-ARW NetCDF data as a netCDF4.Dataset , Nio.NioFile or an iterable sequence of the aforementioned types. field ( xarray.DataArray or numpy.ndarray) - A three-dimensional. >> of pressures which you are not allowed to stray outside of. I want to >> plot results within the pressure range of around 92 bar to 0.00003 >> bar. I may at some point also want to plot as a function of height, >> although I only have an approximate idea of heights corresponding to >> a given pressure Parameters: field3d (xarray.DataArray or numpy.ndarray) - A three-dimensional field to interpolate, with the rightmost dimensions of nz x ny x nx.; vert (xarray.DataArray or numpy.ndarray) - A three-dimensional array for the vertical coordinate, typically pressure or height.This array must have the same dimensionality as field3d.; desiredlev (float, 1D sequence, or numpy.ndarray) - The. height_to_geopotential¶ metpy.calc. height_to_geopotential (height) ¶ Compute geopotential for a given height above sea level. Calculates the geopotential from height above mean sea level using the following formula, which is derived from the definition of geopotential as given in [Hobbs2006] Pg. 69 Eq 3.21, along with an approximation for variation of gravity with altitude National Consumers League statement on DOT's Unfair and Deceptive Practices Rule. November 30, 2020. NCL is deeply disappointed at the Department of Transportation's decision late Friday to finalize its Rule on Defining Unfair or Deceptive Practices. Read more

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Description. Designed for multi-purpose restoration in a compact and versatile size. The Commercial Blazer™ MP packs a lot of power into a compact 13 design and incorporates a telescoping handle. Its low-amp commercial TEFC powers through tough jobs in extreme conditions with quiet ease. Code: 2573 Pressure Based Waves Measure pressure based Waves with the Aanderaa Wave Sensors- compact fully integrated sensors for measuring wave and tide conditions. The 5218 wave sensor is designed to be mounted on the Aanderaa SeaGuard top-end plate or connected to SmartGuard using AiCaP CANbus or in other measurement systems using the RS-232 interface Re: [ncl-talk] Pressure Range Problem. the pressure value checks. doesn't care what range your pressure values are in. It's just a. values. However, gsn_csm_contour will not include the height values on. for you. gsn_csm_contour two times. I'm not sure sure what you are trying to NCL-tools. A few odd scripts for the NCAR Command Language (NCL) Script tropopause_pressure.ncl. This script takes every netcdf file in a directory and computes the pressure of the lapse-rate tropopause using the trop_wmo.ncl function, and produces a set of files where the h1 in the filename is replaced by tropopause.It's designed to work with WACCM h1 history fiels

NCL Method PCC-19 May 2020 9 Version 1.0 . channel, determined by the spacer utilized in between the upper wall and the bottom accumulation membrane. A series of spacers with different thicknesses (250, 350, 490, and 600 µm) are provided by Wyatt. Different channel heights give differen Is there a way to compute sea level pressure using With ncl i am wondering if Shahzad you have a Is there a way how to interpolate the output data and then read the exact height. How can I find pressure and height at each WRF vertical level? Post. by kwerner » Wed Aug 29, 2018 11:43 pm. They can be computed from: (P + PB)*0.01 for pressure at half-sigma level, and. (PH + PHB)/9.81 for geopotential height at full level. The model levels are not at constant pressure or height surfaces because they follow terrain. NCAR/MMM In pressure coordinates, the topography can be represented by the surface pressure (surface pressure decreases with increased topographical height). Since the surface pressure is a 2D and not a 3D variable, you have to fix the height in GrADS to the lowest model level (usually done by 'set lev 1000', or 'set z 1')

Air pressure was added as a new height-level diagnostic, which is useful for a model validation against barometers mounted above ground (e.g., on a wind turbine nacelle). Also, the vertical interpolation of pressure to height surfaces was switched to linear in ln(p) By Ayanna Johnson, Health Policy Associate. Ayanna Johnson is a recent addition to the NCL team, where she will work closely to support and promote our health campaigns, including Script Your Future.Ayanna recently completed her MSPH at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, where she focused her research on improving access to health care for underserved populations The Whole Atmosphere Community Climate Model (WACCM) is a comprehensive numerical model, spanning the range of altitude from the Earth's surface to about 500 km to 700 km altitude. These model output files are used by the atmospheric chemistry community to create regional forecasts EOF of geopotential height anomalies of 500 hPa This computes the climatological anomalies of 500 hPa geopotential height, then calculates the EOFs using NCL's eofunc. The code is in NCL and requires model input: 1) monthly averaged surface pressure (ps), 2) monthly averaged geopotential height (zg) . Full Documentation and Contact Informatio

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  2. DKRZ NCL attach plot to another plot along the y-axis example — User Portal. You are here: Home / Services / Data Analysis and Visualization / Visualization / Software / NCL / examples / source_code / DKRZ NCL attach plot to another plot along the y-axis example. Info
  3. The preconsolidation pressure can be defined from the analysis of oedometric curves in the semilogarithmic σ z ′ − e plot, with reference to various methods (Casagrande, 1936; Burmister, 1951; Janbu, 1969; Schmertmann, 1955).The Casagrande method (1936) is widely used for the considered purpose and involves the following steps:. Consider the point of maximum curvature of an oedometric.
  4. From: Sir.Kadarsah <kadarsah_at_nyahnyahspammersnyahnyah> Date: Mon, 5 Feb 2007 02:36:41 -0800 (PST). Dear Dr.Mary Haley, When I execute the command ncl < wrf_real.

NCL_eof_1_1.py. Calculate EOFs of the Sea Level Pressure over the North Atlantic. This script illustrates the following concepts: Calculating EOFs. Drawing a time series plot. Using coordinate subscripting to read a specified geographical region. Rearranging longitude data to span -180 to 180. Calculating symmetric contour intervals monthly averaged surface pressure (ps), monthly averaged geopotential height (zg). Generates a netcdf file of climatological anomalies of 500 hPa geopotential height (compute_anomalies.ncl) Calculates and plot EOFs of North Atlantic (eof_natlantic.ncl) and North Pacific regions using NCL function eofun Vertical Output Coordinate pressure eta pressure height eta height eta height eta if pre - processed Software required (All binaries are free) NCL NCARG GrADS GrADS / GEMPAK VAPOR JAVE Diagnostics some > 100 some limite You are here: Home / Services / Data Analysis and Visualization / Visualization / Software / NCL / examples / source_code / DKRZ NCL xy-plot with multiple lines and y-axis Info DKRZ NCL xy-plot with multiple lines and y-axi

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Kim et al. (2016) uses The European Center for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF) ERA-Interim (Dee et al., 2011) geopotential height (m) and wind vectors (m s−1) at a pressure level of 850. CAM-chem simulation outputs are to be used as boundary conditions for regional modeling. Results are from a simulation at 0.9 degree by 1.25 degree horizontal resolution simulation with 56 vertical levels and specified dynamics using MERRA2 reanalysis pressures up to maximum of 100.0 Kg/sq.cm. [3 ] b) Measuremen of dead timte l.e . th e time for poison front / interface movemen t from the its normal location at bell valve to ealartdrte at various pressure up to 85 Kg/sq.cm.{4J c) In-sit openin timuge measuremen otf fas t actin g AC solenoi valved tso ascertai thein

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Modern Slavery and Human Rights Policy and Evidence Centre (Modern Slavery PEC), surveyed nearly 1,500 mainly migrant workers in Malaysia's medical gloves factories and interviewed actors from the whole medical glove supply chain, including workers and manufacturers in Malaysia, government officials, suppliers and procurement. NCL Encore is world's third cruise ship (after NCL Joy and NCL Bliss) with a Ferrari-themed racetrack. The facility is built by RiMO Supply (RiMO Germany Group) and operated via partnership with Scuderia Ferrari Watches. This is also the first-ever Ferrari-branded Formula 1 race car track. The 2-level track spans on 2 decks, offering incredible. Introduction We report here a newly completed (March 2003) recomputation and updating of vertically integrated monthly mean mass, moisture, heat, and energy budget products derived from the NCEP/NCAR reanalysis. This new archive spans January 1979 to December 2001 (23 years), and incorporates TOVS (TIROS Operational Vertical Sounder) reruns in addition to grid corrections implemented by NCEP. wrf_tc_azimuthal_mean. Series of scripts to convert WRF output to pressure- and z-levels, then analyze the output for azimuthal means as a function of distance from TC center. Joseph B. Zambon jbzambon@ncsu.edu 12 January 2021. Program consists of a few NCL scripts to take your data and put on pressure- and z-levels (wrf_plevs.ncl and wrf_zlevs.ncl)

Air - Density, Specific Weight and Thermal Expansion Coefficient at Varying Temperature and Constant Pressures Online calculator, figures and tables showing density, specific weight and thermal expansion coefficient of air at temperatures ranging -100 to 1600 °C (-140 to 2900 °F) at atmospheric and higher pressure - Imperial and SI Unit Plotting Examples. The examples below show how wrf-python can be used to make plots with matplotlib (with basemap and cartopy) and PyNGL. None of these examples make use of xarray's builtin plotting functions, since additional work is most likely needed to extend xarray in order to work correctly. This is planned for a future release Constant Pressure Surface Most analysis and model images are shown using a pressure surface. The most common are the 1000 mb, 850 mb, 700 mb, 500 mb, and 300 mb surfaces. Every location on the image has the same pressure, however, heights will vary (thus the contouring of height contours)

a Corresponding author: agostinowalter.bruno@univ-pau.fr Effect of very high compaction pressures on the physical and mechanical properties of earthen materials Agostino Walter Bruno1, Domenico Gallipoli1, Céline Perlot1 and Joao Mendes1 1Université de Pau et des Pays de l 'Adour, Laboratoire SIAME, 64600 Anglet, France Abstract. The paper compares the effect of different compaction. Script Your Future, launched in 2011, is a multi-year public awareness campaign about the importance of medication adherence coordinated and staffed by the National Consumers League. It is the culmination of years of research, led by NCL, and involvement by more than 100 partnering organizations, including government agencies wrf.getvar(wrfin, varname, timeidx=0, method='cat', squeeze=True, cache=None, meta=True, **kwargs) ¶. Returns basic diagnostics from the WRF ARW model output. A table of all available diagnostics is below. Variable Name. Description. Available Units. Additional Keyword Arguments. avo. Absolute Vorticity The relative importance of birth weight on later systolic blood pressure was smaller than other contemporaneous body measures (height and BMI). There was no independent association of birth weight on blood pressure seen in this adolescent population. Contemporaneous body measures have an important role to play

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  1. Let height.nc contain a 3d vertical coordinate variable z. For generating a pressure out of it, it is possible to use expr like this: cdo -expr,'ps model to height level, air pressure to pressure level, air pressure to height level, linear level, linear level interpolation onto 3d vertical coordinate, and the last but with.
  2. hydrogen mitigation strategy for the high-pressure accidents in EPR can be merged into the case of a LOCA. The hydrogen mitigation problem is more important in APR1400 than EPR because of the geometric aspects such as large aspect ratio of height to length and small vent area in the IRWST. These aspects can increase the possibility of DDT
  3. This reduces disc height, which can lead to various painful disorders of the spine, including spondylosis and stenosis. A reduction in aggrecan linked within the ingrowth of nerves into the disc causes discogenic pain. Pressure changes on disc cells in vitro increase the proteoglycan synthesis
  4. Fixed unit issues with vinterp when pressure values are extracted below ground. Also added support for height fields in km and pressure fields in hPa. The documentation has been improved. Fixed the smooth2d routine so that it actually works. It never worked correctly before (nor did it work in NCL)
  5. Five absolute pressure transmitters were used, where one was installed in the HL and the others in the NCL to measure the pressure change experimentally. The vortex flow meter, which was installed to measure the flow rate of the HL, had an accuracy of 0.65%
  6. Cross Section Analysis. ¶. The MetPy function metpy.interpolate.cross_section can obtain a cross-sectional slice through gridded data. import cartopy.crs as ccrs import cartopy.feature as cfeature import matplotlib.pyplot as plt import numpy as np import xarray as xr import metpy.calc as mpcalc from metpy.cbook import get_test_data from metpy.
  7. SS France was a Compagnie Générale Transatlantique (CGT, or French Line) ocean liner, constructed by the Chantiers de l'Atlantique shipyard at Saint-Nazaire, France, and put into service in February 1962.At the time of her construction in 1960, the 316 m (1,037 ft) vessel was the longest passenger ship ever built, a record that remained unchallenged until the construction of the 345 m (1,132.

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HI every one, I am looking for a ncl script to get temperatures at certain altitude and certain location from netCDF files. i saw some of the scripts in ncal webpage. Those are not working to my problem. I am working on this problem from last 10 days the pressure surface can be represented as a geometric height Z of the pressure surface above a geopotential surface. Both of these equations involve geometric approximations of the order of the aspect ratio of the flow or of the slope of the pressure surface, but both retain their essential form when generalized to account for these.

Marine, Offshore and Subsea Technology Facilities. We have a wide range of marine technology facilities at our disposal for teaching and research. Find out more about the impressive facilities available to you at the School of Engineering and take a virtual tour NCL scripts to create WRF graphics. The scripts herein are for post-processed WRF graphics. You will need to modify the NCL scripts to reflect the location of your WRF NetCDF output files and domain, etc. cities1.txt : Lat, Lon, City Name -- that is, if you want to plot cities on your maps. cities2.txt: Same as above, but for inner domain (if.

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Mediterranean Cruises. If you want to be even more adventurous, this 11-day cruise to the Greek Isles: Italy, Croatia, and Turkey gives you the Greek island warmth in addition to the best of the Mediterranean. If you've always dreamed of having a classic European vacation, this cruise is your jam. Knock Spain, France, Italy, Croatia, Greece. Pressure on Ofcom grows to force BBC to increase diversity. Facebook에서 Kommunity ncl 페이지의 콘텐츠 더 보 Eliassen‐Palm flux (EP flux, Eliassen and Palm, 1960) is omnipresent as a diagnostic tool for wave‐mean flow interaction, and in particular stratosphere‐troposphere coupling. It shows the direction of small amplitude atmospheric waves as vectors and at the same time acceleration (or deceleration) of zonal mean zonal wind via its divergence (Andrews and McIntyre, 1976, 1978)

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parents/carers to measure height, weight, heart rate and blood pressure (taken with an age adjusted cuff) at home to reduce clinic attendance. • The GP should record these measurements in the patient's notes stating measurements are self-reported. Due to the risk that measurements provided may not be accurate, clinician (on NCL R o = 1.0 and soil is normally consolidated). Note: s' y is the point of intersection of the swelling line through A and the NCL. This is usually, but not always, close to the maximum past stress (see change of state) The accurate prediction of the flotation height is very necessary for the precise control of the air flotation oven process, therefore, avoiding the scratch and improving production quality. In this paper, a hybrid flotation height prediction model is developed. Firstly, a simplified mechanism model is introduced for capturing the main dynamic behavior of the process

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NCL is another famous ensemble learning method [ ], which explicitly pro- uence the pressure of the lower nozzle 1 and that of the upper nozzle 2. During the air otation process, height should be controlled in a proper position in order t ncl_a1 calcsize aitken-to-accum adjust column tendency: ncl_a1_sfcsiz4: kg/m2/s: 1: A: ncl_a1 calcsize accum-to-aitken adjust column tendency: ncl_a1_sfgaex2: kg/m2/s: 1: A: ncl_a1 gas-aerosol-exchange renaming column tendency: ncl_a2: kg/kg: 30: A: ncl_a2 concentration: ncl_a2&IC: kg/kg: 30: I: ncl_a2: ncl_a2DDF: kg/m2/s: 1: A: ncl_a2 dry. Pressure on Ofcom grows to force BBC to increase diversity. See more of Kommunity ncl on Faceboo Calculating atmospheric geopotential height... To: Ferret Users Mailing List <ferret_users@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> (NCL) pack- age that has a nice little function to compute Z from the standard atmosphere using pressure data on pressure levels The Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA) conducted JRA-55, the second Japanese global atmospheric reanalysis project. It covers 55 years, extending back to 1958, coinciding with the establishment of the global radiosonde observing system

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----- ERROR: The reference pressure is not monotonically decreasing This tends to be caused by very high topography (i,j) = 1 1 , topography = 0.0000000E+00 resulting pressure drop is 0.66 bar, and the pumping power is 1183 W. For a 3-D roughness the heat transfer multiplier is about 2.5 and the friction factor multiplier is about 7 at the same Reynolds number [7]. The required flow velocity is reduced to 141 m/_, the pressure drop is 0.44 bar and pumping power is 487 W respectively. Thus the 3-D 3 i wrfout_to_cf.ncl - Release Notes. 2.0.0 - November 15, 2012: The 2.0.0 release marked a significant new release. Many of the changes and additions led by Matt Higgins were incorporated in a new and revamped method for consistency with the overall code. Beyond the changes and additions from Matt's work, the entire script was extensively. XC_WRF. English Version (中文版本在下面) About. This project is a school-level scientific research training. This project studies the double typhoon Nasha and Haitang in the northwestern Pacific region, focusing on the effects of dual typhoon interaction on its path, intensity and structure, and exploring the role of water vapor and energy transport processes in the dual.

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SKT (skt) Resources sktCape This is an old resource name. Use sktParcelPathLineOn instead.. sktColoredBandsOn Controls whether filled green bands are drawn between alternating isothermal line pairs. This resource is unique to Ngl.skewt_bkg.. Default: False. sktDewPointLineColor Specifies the color of the dewpoint sounding Vorticity Misconceptions Courtesy of Meteorologist Jeff Haby. Misconception #1: Small values of vorticity indicate strong negative vorticity advection. Explanation: Small values of vorticity indicate the atmosphere is dynamically stable. The upper levels of the atmosphere are generally stable with geostrophic flow. Strong negative and thus strong sinking motion is associated with a vorticity. Parameters include surface pressure, sea level pressure, geopotential height, temperature, sea surface temperature, soil values, ice cover, relative humidity, u- and v- winds, vertical motion, vorticity and ozone.\n\nThe archive time series is continuously extended to a near-current date. It is not maintained in real-time NCL (Nany Calibration Laboratory) P Ltd, Is an NABL Accredited Laboratory & ISO 17025 certified company, Promoters of the company are Mr. Prashant Tyagi and Mrs Pratima. It was established in 2014. Company's Operational works are being handled by Mr. Yogesh Kumar -Quality Manager and Mr. Nishant tyagi (Technical Manager), Both members are having vast experience (15+ Years) in the field of. The NCl 3 concentration in water c NCl 3 w of 0.08 mg/L is a very realistic assumption and would result from an urea concentration of 2 mg/L and a 1% conversion to NCl 3 (cf. long term NCl 3 formation at sub-stoichiometric Cl/N ratios in Fig. 3 and kinetic consideration as an irreversible consecutive reaction Fig. 4)

NCL_conOncon_1Using NCL with VAPOR to analyze WRF-ARW data in 3DNCL: Vertical InterpolationNCL: Grid Filling

2021 Cruises from Southampton: Sail to Iceland, Norway, France & More. Partager : Southampton is so much more than just a port city. Shop until you drop at Westquay, one of the top retail destinations in the region. Take a step back in time with a visit to the Medieval Merchant's House in Southampton's Old Town TAF: EGNT 222154Z 2221/2318 08004KT 9999 SCT015 TEMPO 2221/2310 6000 BKN009 PROB30 TEMPO 2221/2307 4000 BR. Weather observations and forecasts of more than 4000 airports (METAR and TAF reports). The available stations are represented by yellow and red dots on the map. Hover mouse over dot to see the name of the station Global Change Biology, reveals the shift in moth activity in street-lit areas from vegetation level to lamp-post height and the impact this is having on their ability to pollinate flowers. The role played by moths in plant pollination has until now been largely overlooked as previous studies have focussed on daytime pollinators, such as bees The NCEP/NCAR Reanalysis 1 project is using a state-of-the-art analysis/forecast system to perform data assimilation using past data from 1948 to the present. A large subset of this data is available from PSL in its original 4 times daily format and as daily averages. However, the data from 1948-1957 is a little different, in the regular (non.